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Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

Let out ya breathe, I’ve already caught your thoughts

The grand entrance is how were taught to walk

All eyes grabbing for my key, because I’m so heavenly

The potion you see is the honey from this Queen Bee-

The serum at hand is what created the land

The master at work is all it took, still singing on his hook

This thread deserves another look, Lyrical advantage

Take me metaphorically hostage I know you got it

The surrendered fear keeps me here, enemies beware

A powerful match the eggs have already hatched

A flower still in bloom awaitin’ its tomb

A deadly deed for those waitin’ to be seen

From birth to death I’m here to resurrect

A captivated culture no longer nurtures

A breed of puncture lacking in structure

No foundation, no glorification just a world of pro-creation

Thought patterns untouched for fear of rebellion

Who’s around to tell them its hell they’ve set

As I’m heaven bound only to be kept around those advancing’ to the next round

My wheel is of fortune spun through distortion and revived through restoration

Your vision is my home that must be kept and swept

Weepy eyes never tell a lie these dreams will never die

It’s a murder of creed for me to be continued unseen

An endless race for those deprived of space

A crime of hate, sins can negate, when I walk through that gate.

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