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LB Police Seize $300,000 Worth Of Marijuana

(CBS) LONG BEACH, Calif. Long Beach police arrested one man on Monday night after finding $300,000 worth of marijuana plants in a warehouse.

The discovery was made around 7:30 p.m. in the 1400 block of West 14th Street, near Santa Fe Avenue, according to Officer Jackie Bezart of the Long Beach Police Department.

About 400 plants were seized from the warehouse where "a silk screen business was being used as a front," Bezart said.

Philip Northcutt of Long Beach has been taken into custody. He allegedly had a loaded handgun in his possession when he was arrested, according to Long Beach police.

Northcutt had a recommendation from a doctor to use marijuana, but the number of plants in the warehouse "far exceeded" the amount of marijuana one is legally allowed to possess for medical purposes.

Police also found other weapons in the warehouse including a shotgun and bows and arrows.

Northcutt told officers that he recently returned from military service in Iraq, but police had yet to confirm that with military officials.
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