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444trumpets drunken masta444trumpets drunken masta
Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

Trumpets Delegate On Hate
The Fake
Mentally Raped
Some Cant Escape The Truth Nonsence
Just Meet Fate
Relate To Cape Superman Status
In Battles Just Motivate
Never Hesitate To Bust A Fake
To The Seen The Trumpets Blows Smoke Like Nicotine
Fiends Get It
Just Verbal Warfare Lost With The Punch In They Face
Winds Breeze By Sound Like Him Again
Sword Swing Bring Amends To Friends Ends Up A Worthy Battle Send My Condolences To The Victims Family Ima Plea Insanity Walk Out Profanity
Speaking Off Tones Judge The Trumpets Blows The Place With Disgrace Lace The Scene With Crack Like Dave Chapelle
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