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Default Re: why does eveyone hate on post-illmatic?

Originally Posted by Polocash7
only so called "fans " say bullshit like that. Real heads know where Nas stands. I willing to bet that 99% of heads who say Nas fell off after Illmatic don't own any of his albums
true, ive heard people shit on everything after illmatic who have never heard anything else, or even own illmatic. one of the resons iveheard for not liking illmatic is that beats suck. that shit gets me heated, not only are the beats hot but you have to understand that the style of hip-hop, including the beats, has changed since ten years ago(for thhe betteror for the worse? your call). now people think shit like still tippin is hot.

(and before someone says it, yes i am only 15 (16 in 13 days) and no, i didnt really listen to hip-hop when i was 5. ive done my fair share of digging though..)
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