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Luther Large shaolin monk

Originally Posted by RockD
with the temple master at the table were non ca "in barge"
as luther is late and always still at large
sicka and the rest ready to start
the wu-bitches bring in the cart
full of the wines and fine condaments
to a table were we all are competent
the late man apears
to the dicsiples of wu its clear
that wit this pact there is no judas for they are all dead
so we clearly all sit with luther large and break bread

NW/ Rise

Grab the tre pound i'm still fuckin with crimes/
i got lust for these diamonds so im bustin off mines/
off the chain plus i stuff the gun in ya eyes/
but *sun* i can't set so it's a must that i rise/

I got styles sick as hell, sicker than sickle cell anemia, slaughter your circulatory like lukemia

- AZ

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