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Ok let's get to the bottom of this.

why do a lot of people believe that material wealth will improve their life experience?
Alot of people believe material wealth will improve their experience because it is the most obvious thing that is lacking in their lives. When we're little kids we hear our parents arguing over bills and just being all around stressed out over the lack of money. Mommy why is there no food in the house? Because we have no money! So at an early age we are taught that money is an important factor in survival. In other families, when they need something it can be purchased on the spot, or if they are hungry boom they go get something to eat, we have to first locate the cash and than do whatever it is we need to do.

Aside from money you ask where the clothes come in. An obvious part of the whole materialistic propaganda is with rap stars. Subliminally we see these people on TV flossing and we think wow that's what you need to look like in order to be normal! Most of the females in these areas are trained at an early age not to be with men that have no money, whether it be examples that their mothers gave to them unknowingly or media etc. One of the ways to positively identify someone with money?? How fresh is their gear??? So without fresh clothes on you get less women and feel less important than everyone else, people on your block make fun of you etc. You have to look fresh if you don't look fresh nobody will like you! This is what is programmed in their heads on a daily basis.

how ome nobody notices that there is nobody who is able to stay on top of their game for a long time?
Good question, you ever heard the expression when you're at the end of a tunnel it's hard to see the light? Suburban teenagers included have been known for their tendency towards instant gratification, with teenagers in inner cities, it's the same situation, their goals are just different. If they need something they need it on the spot and they aren't concerned with the future, they care about whats happening at the moment. Everyone feels like the ends justifies the means until they get to the end and realize it wasn't worth it. Most of them know whats in store for them, either death or prison, in my case it was like, "Shit I'm so hungry prison doesn't even sound all that bad, it's boarding and 3 square meals a day.", and as for death, it's already obvious we have no fear of dying other wise we wouldn't be doing the crazy shit we do in the first place.

why do the people and organizations who try to 'help' improve the situation for todays youth always suck at their job?
For the same reason that these area's aren't being improved to begin with. If a kid buys a gun goes to school and shoots someone, what do we do? Arrest him and throw him in jail, which makes the toll 2 lives opposed to one, one kid died, and the other will spend the rest of his life in prison which is worse than death. The point is, we treat symptoms instead of sollutions! It's no different with these organizations, opposed to actually taking the time to figure out whats wrong with these people and solve the problem, they throw them in rehabilitation programs, jail, or throw money at them which in the long term doesn't solve shit. They don't know wtf is going on or why kids do what they do. According to them, the reason kids join gangs is because they have self esteem issues and want to be part of something... wtF?? The biggest reason kids join gangs is because there entire family and all there friends were more than likely in that very same gang, which means through out his life time people he knows and loves will be killed by the rival gang, it's obvious why he joined the first gang right? So how do we solve this problem, instead of treating the symptom by creating gang programs and arresting thousands of gang members everyday? Simple, educate these people about the real purpose of gangs, stop dividing our neighborhoods into areas (Like I don't know they do it on purpose...), start giving the youth some constructive shit to do. In my projects they just tore down 2 play grounds and a basketball courts because it provokes gathering people that supposedly engage in illegal activities, leaving all the neighborhood kids playing out in the street, how the fuck is this safe for our children!? AND HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT STOP PEOPLE FROM COMMITTING ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES?? But they don't care as long as we're not doing it IN the projects. So why do they suck at their job? Because they don't know wtf the situation is to improve it... their ideas of improvement only improve what they feel is necessary. As long as they are providing a temporary solution to make those crime figures go down in their area, they are happy, and thats their true purpose.

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