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Default Re: Ill Bill Ft Raekwon - Enemy(Produced by Scram Jones)

Originally Posted by DJSUGEWHITE
Listen les bo u can hate on who ever u want, but at least listen t the track before u start talking shit....What your pops down load too much gay porn....So swallow crack, fruit boot boy....ILL BILL Wil take a shit in your house mother fucker
who the fuck do you think you are?

i ain't talked shit to you, you fuckin call me names...insult me with gay porn, swallow crack fruit boot boy?? unreal hilarious...

this aint' no ILL BILL go fuck yerself and join the non-phixion forums...there's a reason i ain't's cause ill bill sucks...fuck you and the horse you rode in on with yer 6 posts...

if i was dissing raekwon then i'd see the shit you give me...his STYLE IS CHANGING! i'm no hater, fuck this little punk...djsugenight...fuckin ridiculous

btw...the track is good...i still wish it was necro and chef though...
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