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Originally Posted by Sirkulayshun
as i speak, the bodies take 40 hits each
the speech will breach, but the opposing forces cant reach
u get slashed by the sword of past times,
lyrically perform vast crimes, i offend as i clash rhymes,
understand crystal clear, u vanish into thin air
ya presence disappear like u never bin here
fatal flow will leave u mentally slain
your history's an unsolved mystery walkin on memory lane..

n/w hypersonic
I slash tracks with the strength of 22 hundred men/
mc's knew they were doomed once i picked up the pen/
thousands of crowds ive rocked and left astonished/
rippin mics with vocals at the speed of light left demolished/
mach 5 has nothin on my thots that keep up with hypersonics/

next word: 1 love
I got styles sick as hell, sicker than sickle cell anemia, slaughter your circulatory like lukemia

- AZ

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