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Default Re: greeneyes vs idiom

36 years old and your rap style is just like your life "a virgin" you couldnt increase your talent if you cought a lyrical surge dun. that's right i seen your act in the theatre of the absurd crumb. why are you trying to rap, you think have some form of intelligence, your pride could be the reason you werent slept against, i give it to you that you have some heart, but why call me out when you know i'm gon' break it apart. i heard you even voted for me to be #1 on the charts, you're my greatest fan so maybe that why you challenged me, just remember you were the japs at the battle of the bismark sea, nigga i'm bombing and with each line i write i see you're not calming, relax it's just a battle, dont be made at me cause lyrics are only prattle, yeah well that'll be enough you're taking this as a raping , like your habbits you fucking cream puff.

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