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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

Im an origional syllable sword swinger word bringer from the hordes of deamons can choke you to death with a cordless phone when its off the ringer not a singer a ryme slinger destroyer of mens traits and when I replace um with GodBody philophsy pussys bleed like menstration you been fakin you been wastin I am the face of death paralysin populations of civilazations you aint been educated on yet Im break-in on tha set wipin wackness off the map all the real ones still standin are the only competition left my composition wept and the teardrops fell to hell and evaporated, the steam allowed hydrogen and oxygen to be seperated no exaggeration the fission caused demonic wars with no bars held in the kingdom my team is a royal flush that was just the cards dealt
dont let your heart melt when the love in the rhyme catches up to the hate dont let your guard down for a milisecond take yours and make an escape if you do wait the gates raise and you'll be faced with the absense of safety if you make me attack thats your fault youll still be reborn basically
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