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Default Re: The Best Things In Life...

Originally Posted by Jasper1134
Yeah, but what are the best things IN life..
Depends on wit u try to do wit yourself. Yer idea of the perfect lifestyle right now could be sickenin to you in 10 years. Shit u love right now, shit u lust for, haha, dont u start jasp... U could eventually grow bored of them kinda things. N later on learn to get a better appreciation of things u once took for granted be it living healthy, having a relative alive or witever. Might sound boring n cheesy. But in terms of materials if u really want something that bad just fuckin take it. Or work hard to better yourself n give yourself the opportunity to do so anyhow.

But some shit in life cant be bought or replaced so its them kinda things I value the most. But aye, life is wit u make it. Bums sittin in boxes feelin sorry for themselves get no sympathy fae the bad man. Likewise cunts in Hollywood sittin in Jaquzzis gettin their dicks sucked fae some high class bitches while they watch themselves on TV deserve it. Most times anyhow.

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