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Maestro Wooz Wrote: genetically and evolutionally, how do you explain whites and asians having smaller asses then blacks. That is, what were the differentiating factors in their enviroments that caused this disparity in ass size to occur?

Great question. There has been indeed been research on the issue of race and race morphology as a whole between races and cultures of various regions. Although from a purely empirical standpoint the issue of race is indeed under scrutiny, for all intents and purposes (and according to all recognized classification existing in all scientific lexicons), lets continue under the understanding that race:

1) details a subdivision within a species (characterized by morphology and genetic and physiological traits that can be inherited via mendelian mechanisms)
2) is not subjective, meaning it is not defined socially, but rather biologically.

Okay with that out the way, now we can continue.

The question of why blacks have bigger “bottoms” than whites and Asians has all to do with evolutionary concepts involving geographic adaptation, natural selection and sexual selection.

The Negro is defined in evolutionary biology as the “parent” variety of homo sapien (or sapien sapien) originating from sub Saharan Africa (below the belt of the sahara desert) some 200 thousand years ago. Natural selection has molded the morphology of all humans to best suit their environment. The Sub Saharan environment (a hot mixture of savanna and grassland) dictates that a darker skin tone is advantageous to help block harmful UV rays (preventing cancer) and also and more importantly preventing over production of vitamin D. Another adaptation to this environment was large tooth size to help cope with bits of sand and rock that will inevitably find their way into food eaten below the sahara!

Body size and type as u stated is indeed all dictated by environment (but also via cultural ideals ie “sexual selection”)

Generally, Humans in hotter climates follow what is known in the evolutionary field as “Allen’s rule”. That rule being that the hotter the climate, the more increased the size and definition of body parts.. So purely from a biological standpoint, the first negroids were supremely adapted to their environment with darker skin, wider noses flatter noses (that aid in cooling air before it reaches lungs (and consequently oxygen molecules before they are carried away by blood), in addition (and what ur question was all about) the larger rump is an adaptation to peoples who primarily live in savannas, grasslands, tropics or areas where there are little or no mountains, jagged hills or off center terrain. It is a evolutionary adaptation to peoples who will have to do a lot of walking (coupled with an adaptation of increased quadricep proficiency) and sitting on flat surfaces.

In contrast, a smaller narrower bottom is an adaptation of peoples who will primarily not do a lot of walking (coupled with a smaller quadricep mucscle) and primarily live in harsher, rougher more jagged hilly terrain. The more narrow the bottom, the easier it is to find a small comfortable nook to rest oneself on a jagged terrain. i mentioned sexual selection. sexual selection is evolutionary selection carried out involuntarily by the species in question based on mating patterns!

it just so happened that based on biological norm and thus cultural ideals, that the larger bottoms of the tropical peoples is deemed "attractive" in the eyes of the majority of the race to which they belong. Thus over time (and on average..meaning greater than 50% of the time) "ass shape" and size has been a determining factor in mating choice! Meaning that the phenotype of ass shape has not been lost even to this day because the cultural ideal of ass shape being a determining factor in mating choice continues to this day even tho we no longer live in savannas and grasslands that require this trait!

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