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Originally Posted by Legato
is alchemy a legitimate science?
Peace Legato

Alchemy in its most purest sense is not a science. First i must explain that there is no such thing as a "legitimate science" versus " an illegitimate science".

Science doesnt work that way. Something either is, or is not a "science", if its "illegitimate" .. it obviously isnt "science".

Throghout history there have been different takes on alchemy.

Alchemy at one time, in its purest form was the alleged "art" (not science, and notice it was "alleged") of turning any metal into a precious metal.

as time went on, alchemy was then belief that one could create an elixir or vitality potion to cure all ailments

lastly, alchemy took the form of the art of creating potions to gain immortality.

all 3 of these arts were not scientific.. in the most simple sense, alchemy isnt scientific because its philosophy relies on the realm of the supernatural, magic and superstition. And thus possesses the trait known to science as "unfalsifiability", meaning the alleged results could never be truly verifies because at the end of te day the accuracy of the alleged data and results is at the whim of a supernatural force.

yet for some reason, alchemy and the idea of it, has not died.. it has captured the minds and attention of people to this day.. even tho it has never really accomplished anything of merit.

now thats alchemy in the strict sense.. its not a science.

The act or belief that chemicals can be created that will cure ills and ailments of humanity is the philosophy of alchemy and would be a science if it did not involve unfalsifiable means..... but then it wouldnt be alchemy. it would purely be a regulated science such as chemical synthetics

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