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Originally Posted by My First Timbs

indeed there is a direct correlation. It must first be known and understood that all religions and religious concepts stem from early hominids living in hunter gatherer societies at the whim of nature. Populations who rely more on nature and the whim of the natural world for daily survival are more prone to have developed gods and religious ideals focused on their current day to day survival. These types of gods are called “focal gods”. Focal gods are gods that preside over some aspect of reality that directly impact the daily lifestyle of the believer.

For example, a god of fire, a god of rain, a god of fertiity etc etc. Focal god communities were also prone to polytheism (just based on the nature of the belief, its only natural to have more than one god.. what good is praying to the god of fire when the soil isn’t fertile?) It must also be known that the focal god was not thought to control the whole earth. The concept of “the entire earth” was not even born yet.

as time went on and humanity life style changed , our gods and ideas of religion and god changed as well . (notice I didn’t say that humanity “progressed”.. progress is a subjective assertion!). As populations started harnessing certain aspects of the natural world, a reliance on the focal god concept decreased. In addition, now gods were less focal and started becoming anthropomorphisized (made more human like) and were now able to be sad, happy, angry etc. This death of of the focal god lead to the death of polytheism. With the ushering in of monotheism also now came the birth of rage, persecution and fear of others who don’t hold the same god concept as u!

This is why thru wars and bloodshed, the losers “god” and religion was either destroyed or somehow made more similar to the now new ruling class.

This trend continues to this very day.

Culture and anthropology and human evolution and religion type are all tied together. Cultures who have been thru many wars and oppression on average have gods who were originally less charming than populations who experienced no war or oppression (such as the case with the native American and aboriginal peoples)

no. But first i must say that ur question stems from a misunderstanding of evolution. Evolutionisnt goal oriented or purpose oriented. Evolution is merely nothing but a change in the genes over time. G/T

Humans, although not living at the whim of nature and feeling the effects of geographic environmental stress on the same level we did 15000 years ago, does not mean that evolution has slowed or stopped. Its still going on. we are part of nature and will never be able to escape evolution.

recent studies have shows tha the human thumb is migrating closer to the index finger at a rate of 0.02 millimeters per generation. This is evolution ! the reason for this has to do with sexual selection and natural selection. this is just one small example among a myriad. evolution will be in existence as long as there are creatures on the planet with genomes.
a lot of people on this board really need to read this.
The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and in triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

People are too stupid to effectively conspire to do anything, but not too stupid to come up with conspiracy theories.
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