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Racailla grasshopper

Originally Posted by tha god concept
racailla lacks words like infant children
my word is born and thats the last one given....
leechers like you shouldn't post in here, tgc - as long as you ain't make things proper

Let's go - I attack faggot with lassos like I was in El Paso harass enemies like in chess yo
my rap get access to your chest alas crash your bones to ash blowing fiasco like Sharon Stone
my styles' versatile like from Lil Wayne back to Esco or like the collection of Mark Eko
cowards can't devour me, call me tabasco I' get the power to strike twice like an echo

next word: scrilla
Look at my nephew, he jumped at the window just to see you (The Sun - Ghostface, Rza, Raekwon and Slick Rick)

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