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My relation to ya existence is what bamboo means to a panda
Dissing ya a** is like breathing on ma daily agenda.
Ya rhymes are so weak, you need a lyrical Bowflex,
when it comes to knockin out MCs, my punchline's da dopest.
Got ya whole family's worth in the ring of my pinky,
keep ya gayness under wraps, do it like Bill & Lewinsky.
My rhymes are fresh, betta yet it's "MINTY"
I'm a legend to the game like painting is to Da Vinci
In other words I'm a legend, while ya fat a** is legen-DAIRY
I'm loved by the world, just like how all the gurls love Fendi.
Do da slayings in da game thus survivors are few
I wud have to end it like this cuz i dunno what is a "Cypha new"

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