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I dunno about nations of gods and earths or any of that stuff, that ain't the road i walk. But with regard to taking responsibility, I see where you're all going. Eric is right in that the 9/11 lie needs to be made 'black and white' so that the people are forced to recognise. Only when people recognise, can they take responsibility. It goes beyond the whole 9/11 thing, it includes it all; the AIDS fiasco, what the church uses to maintain a stranglehold on western morality, what gives the elite their motivation and power to rule all behind closed doors, all that crap and more. Recognition is the key, we can go around spewing out crap about whose fault it is for whatever, but it won't make a shitter of difference, as blame is what only starts wars and crap anyway. Granted, Aqua's devil portrait holds some validity as white 'men' have shaped this world, but if black 'men' were the original gods, then they were the first to throw spears and rocks, and kill one another, thus starting the chain reaction. So I guess in some indirect way, we can all take responsibility for our own shortcomings. The one question that remains is, how long have we got to admit we all fucked up before it all comes to an end?

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