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Ok, so spears and rocks were prehaps not the most tasteful analogy, but my point still remains, and I think you really missed it out, Wooly. I hear what you're saying about pyramids, and high science and all that other stuff, I can relate to what you're saying. But still, when building this grand empire, people were still expendable, I bet this noble and grand race of people were still not above raping and killing, and all the other wonderful things that we as a modern society still thrive on. It also strikes me as interesting that patriarchy still is an underlying theme going through all of this. Black, White, it don't matter a fuck as it still men if you see what I mean.
Grand science? We're still animals whatever way you look at it, we still find that males dominate, and we like to kill to show how strong we are. Now given that the theme of the thread is responsibility, I think perhaps we should address that which we're all in part responsible for, regardless of the belief system blame game.

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