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Originally Posted by LHX
would you agree that the devil is a tool
not something to be reformed?
he is there to reform not be reformed - he's that fire that you put steel in to shape it - when all the swords are sharp and ready to slice, you put the fire out

Originally Posted by LHX

i have to disagree with this
it seems that the oppressors children do not want to be alive
they are afraid to die
and are also trapped in the vortex of desire
they want to live - but they want to live a life without the got dam devil - but he's a leech - always grabbing and devouring with his hands and mouth

Originally Posted by LHX
once they stay in this trap for long enough
- if their bodies can tolerate it -
they develop the tendencies of the oppressor
not if they have guides who see the traps clearly

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