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Default Re: battle or what?

ha ha you make me laugh, wit your preused and prewritten rhymes
it's no surprise I'm a site for sore eyes but when you rhyme like Wacka
you look like Africa, forever on a drought but the shit I spit is better than your shit, you and your monkey would know what comes out of the spout
it's okay if you want to look on my other threads, so you can take some rhymes you've read
you similar to Y2K you just another hoax, you wouldn't know a marine if you were helping on the boat
this a game, and I'm all the competition
you couldn't come up with new shit if you created the situation, I thought this would be a battle, I just fell to the hype
your eyes are blurring cause you ain't seeing what you typed, just go to bed cause ain't understanding communication, just listen to hip-hop remix for the nation
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