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Prince Rai
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Default Re: Favourite Boxers

Originally Posted by Big Bad Man
1 Tyson
2 Roy Jones
3 Ali
4 Steve Collins
5 Prince Naseem

Those my favs. Naz done the golden mistake of tryna fix sumtin that wasnt even broke. Changed coaches, changed styles n fucked up his career.

Rest speak for themselves. Sure Ali was a better fighter than Roy Jones but in terms of boxers I prefer watchin Jones.

Ill simplify my present favourites by nearest weight categories:

HW - Toney
LHW - Jones if he fights on, if not none
MW- Hopkins, Winky, De La Hoya, Vargas n Calzaghe
WW- Hatton, Mayweather, Gatti, Cotto, Tacky, Judah, n Mosley
LW- Corrales n Singwancha
FW - Scott Harrison, Barrera n Morales

Dont care for lighter than 126lbs to be honest.
James Toney, serious?? ayt...

good choices tho... agree with the last statement btw as well.
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