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Default Re: Live 8 Concert for Poverty

What is the fucking big deal to supply food and medicine for poverty stricken area. Who is it hurting, to make sure every child in the world has food, proper medicine so they can have at
least a chance of survival. Why in 200-and-fucking 5 shit remains the same in Africa. We keep advancing in tecgnology and blah blah, we are a mass consumer society, yet there's a certain part of the world that is still suffering. I could never comprehend this shit.

As for the concert, where were artist like Nas, Wu, Ms.Dynamite, Sustem of f The Down, NIN, and other artist from around the world who have powerful message in their music, and been rapping/singing about this situation.

Why would you have pretentious artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Destiny Child, Maddonna perform?... Wait a minutes its all about ratings, and seeming imortant. Then, the next time you're talking about "how much money you have" diamonds, and appearing in Lorrea'l commercials/Versace ads
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