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Default Re: 2005... The illest shit in a long time?

Originally Posted by GhostfaceKillah199
04 was a great release year, like 20+ of my fav mc's dropped ish last year. this year to me hasn't been shit but Nas droppin. if Red drops this year i'll be happy but he's an unwanted Def Jam MC so I might have to wait yet another year. a new Black Star and Mos would be tight, I kinda lost faith in most since he's been puttin movies ahead of rap, his last album was good but I rarely listen to it because i'm not much of a blues/rock fan and I really want another Black on Both sides. speaking of gza and muggs, what happened to the Muggs meets Deck project? peace
Thats shits called of, its gonna be a GZA/Muggs collabbo now, dropping this year supossoply
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