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Default Re: Favourite Boxers

Originally Posted by Princerai
peace, shame about the last fight though, he got quality.

should fight another minimum fight, and then try and dethrone klitschko, he boring as fukk
Lol. I dont mind Vitali. His fight wit danny williams was pure comedy, was like a big fuckin robot on destroy action. While williams knew wit was coming he just couldnt stop it. Raaarrrrgggh, drago style. lol.

Actually felt a bit sorry for Williams in that fight coz he needed 1 dude to just sort him, rebuild his thoughts n try gettin him into the fight. While he had 3 mofos shoutin shit in his ear hittin him with the bullshit motivation slogans, lol. Last thing u need when u fucked. Needa find a new gear by yerself nah mean?

I donno man. The HW division is a bit of a joke really. Toney should fight a few bums yer right. Not bums, but almost bums n maul them. Then go for Vitali. If he ruffed him up talkin shite all week before the fight n pissed of Vitali hed have a chance of beatin him I think. A ruff fight be better for Toney coz all Russians n their neighbours have that mad thin white skin which says "hit me n I shall bleed" haha.

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