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Default Re: why does eveyone hate on post-illmatic?

hmm, im kinda disappointed but in a way that's good.

was this real?
"{Verse 1}
Affirmitive action verball attack word assassin
murda tactics burn a track back to Curtis Jackson
pac would turn in his casket, but you maken me laugh
to see you get in the game from all the ****s you take in the ass
while you fake on a track and act like you a gangsta in rap
theirs real street *****s who could break you in half
but since 'em signed you, you run around and claim you can rap
like 'em just paved you a path or ****in gave you a pass
a fee bee to make up for every slave that he had
or every racist comment that he made in the past
I done herd you say a million times that you killed a guy
but Black Child stabbed you and that ***** still alive
you aint even bruised no one, you have the dirty cops
do your dirty work you aint even had to use yo gun
you real hard in the studio poppin **** in a mic booth
you dont wanna have me fight you you wanna have me write you
talkin bout "Nas my son wants to be just like you"
well if you ask the street *****s eminem over hyped you
each bullet in yo ass is a symbol in its place
to remind you how hated you are when you see that dimple on yo face
just give up ***** you've taken enough
when you got all the people involved sayin you suck
and half the **** you say you just maken it up
so now your own crew members haten yo guts
***** why da **** you think yo whole crew is top charters?
cause your all pop artists your hip hop's garbadge
why the **** you think you maken the same money as Britney makes?
g-unit is a boy band ***** and 50's fake
you real tuff till g-unit gets gobbed with sticky tape
and have my *****s run up in and robb yo piggy bank

{Hook x2}
So what you gonna do when **** hits the fan
you gonna fight like a man or just kiss my ass
or threw all this hostility you piss your pants
I'm a short fuse and you lit the match

{Bridge x2}
Nas, a braveheart veteran
name an mc I aint better then
you against me you could never win
meet me in the streets we can settle this

{Verse 2}
When I'm speakin threw rap, you *****s deepin my wrath
**** mixed with emotions makes it hard to keep it on wax
cause it can steer off a track and coserveer off of rap
and have *****s jump you till your left breathin with gasps
and each have you stabbed and all of my people in masks
so you cant identify to the police who attacked
just *****s reachin for straps and heaters bringen out gats
and watch this thug turn ***** when he pees in his pants
*****s callin my name, I can turn '50 cents' into a 'Buck'
invest it in the 'Bank' and spend it all in the 'Game'
a ball and a chain with an anchor tied to your ankel
and hang you until you dangel and break you apart from each angle
and repeatededly kill you with my freedom of speech
so you can look at my lyrics and read 'em and weap
so you don't run with cops? ***** niether do we
but your right hand man is the cheif of police
beef in rap cause you aint got the balls to beef in the streets
cause you'd get another lil cute dimple on your cheek with the heat
yeah I got my wifey tattoo'd on my arm
while you got a "Nas' biggest fan" sign glued to your thong
while you shake yo lil ass for them record exects
and blow kisses and suck up so they'll send you a check
but never the less I knew about you steppin to X
but interscope made you take it off the track to settle your debts
to calm your beefs, you ***** made put a switch blade threw your rib cage
and watch your chest leak in the street like bootleg mixtapes
aint no need to dictate, line up your calvulry
you talk that gangsta **** and get it twisted with reality
ayo my pistol got the flue and my bullets got allergies
so if the trigga sneeze you gone be anotha casualty"
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