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Default Re: Live 8 Concert for Poverty

Originally Posted by Jasper1134
Way too many people pretend to care and think it will clear their guilty conscience, next day they'll cary on driving their luxious cars around their white picket fence neighborhoods and occupy their so righteous minds with most insignificant things as brand clothing and their fancy little cellphones completely ignoring all the poverty in the city.

Maybe it's because I think that way, I expect others to be that way too, cause I simply can't develop some kind of compassion for people far away I don't know. I have tried to care, but I can't.

I hope the G8 will discus more important things like air pollution and global warming instead.
Are you kidding? What a fuckin' rich white liberal thing to say. This is exactly what celebrities think are important issues. Only rich white people have time to think about such trivial bullshit. Poverty is a real issue. Most people don't have the time or money to think about that hippy shit.
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