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yo this kid ryte here is one sick ass basted/
steppin up means u lookin to get blasted/
blown away by these rhymes that i masted/
this aint just thought up but its crafted/
shines thru the dark no matter how bad u can bash it/
sign me up a check and then cash it/
im as good as sold homey so pass it/
cuz im just as good as ya jeezy's and lil waynes/
i can spit garbage 2 and ill make it in the game/
ill battle bow wow and romeo just to cop fame/
move up onto 50 cuz im a beast that can never b tamed/
i talk about deep shit and niggas lookin at me strange/
so i changed up to mainstream.... nah im just playin/
listen, i cant put my rhymes on paper cuz i prolly roll it up/
i dont spit it either homey i just throw it up/
up to my brain which i call the neverending abyss/
condensation causes my thoughts to constantly drip/
i heat up and vaporize the rhymes that i sticked/
causin it to b forgettin forever and dismissed/
god dam i wish i still remembered that shit/
i dont even remember wat it started wit/
next time im writin that shit down quick/
stop smokin weed, yea that myte b the trick/

get at me-
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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