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Alrite nigga, u fuckin askin for it
ya gonna end up beggin for ma fuckin shit
krapass gonna stick this up your fuckin ass
i make it quiker than fuckin quiksilver
superspeed goin faster than fuckin lightspeed
up ur ass and comin outta ur fuckin mouth
fuckin feed it back to ya,filthy and uncouth
U fuckin askin for trouble makin fun of ma name
when killin niggaz is the fuckin aim of ma game
Sicka, what the hell kinda sick shit is that?
makes me wanna blast ur dick with ma fuckin gat.
Take u down on the fuckin street, u cant touch ma beat
i beat ya to fuckin death, do the fuckin math
imma force ya to eat shit,comin outta ma fuckin ass
Aiyo nigga, betta remember that ma fuckin name's krapass

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