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Aight u scared shitless pussy? Imma make this easy on ya missy.
Dunt have the nuts to go 1st, u a fuckin sissy
Cause ur lines are Clint-Eastwood-type-Cheesey
Dunt take this thrashing personally, imma spit truthfully
ur vocab's limited to "imma fuck maself faithfully"
Dunt noe when to repent even when u've spent
all ur "soldiers" in those wasteful "battles"
They say"Birds of a feather flock together"
i say u cant think straight with ur balls stuck to each other
which is why u hesitate,ive got ya by the balls
fuckin rip em off fore throwin ya off Niagara Falls.
Dunt eva dare step twice again in the hood
cause U haf no idea how violent is the black brotherhood.

Aight man show me u got.
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