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Default Re: tournament battle, sicka than aidz vs krapass

Ya lines are makin me sick sicka/probabaly why i call u a fake nigga
Ma rhymes make urs look like they're from King Arthur's time/
Damn ur ass is pushin it with the petty insults/Imma make up some lines that'll have more results/Hoes wont get laid with ya even if ya pay them/Even if ur an ex-pope from jerusalem/Dont think of steppin on ma turf/if u do,ill stranggle ya like afuckin smurf/
U dare to rkick down ma dorm?U dare to rip off ma house?/
Imma blow up ur neighbourhood makin u look like a fuckin mouse/
Rape ya bitch before handing u her blouse, With a smile that makes ya wanna beat me/Dude, ive got a sign to ma head that says"EAT ME!"/heres an idiom,"Like a chip off the old block"/lemme change that for ya to "UR LIKE A WART OFF AN OLD COCK"/
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