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Default Re: why does eveyone hate on post-illmatic?

IWW (along with Ironman) was the first rap album/cd's I bought. You could imagine, how a twelve-years old girl was blown away. This music I was experience (from actually purchasing a cd from a record store, and no longer recording songs from the radio-when they were once good) was mind-blowing. I was always a BCC and Wu girl, but to be honest I gravitated more to Nas. I never forget the first time hearing Black Girl Lost and I Gave You Power and repeating them over and over. I could not believe someone other than Wu and BCC was rhyming in that fashion, with an immaculate/meaningful presence on the mic. I happen to love Escobar, even though Nasty Nas was what gave you Illmatic. Everything to followed Nas after that I love. Anybody else puts out Nastradamus, its a great album, but for Nas that is one of his weakest links. The Hyrdro drop skit, and Nastradamus single killed any potential classic status on that album. It's a shame not many appreciated Street's Disciple (second best double-album next to Forever). I could care less. The rest of those mindless fucks that buys that G-unot/Crunk lost.
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