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Default Re: GZA/444 Trumpets

meh its cool, 444Trupets needs to wake out of this Wu-Tang ordil thingy hes in...his lyrics arnt too sharp..only i felt from him or even udnerstood what he was saying, was that last bar in his first verse, about his moat or somthing, thats that shit he needs to spit, not....:

Shogun, Assisinate, Chamber, 36 Reunion, blah blah, that didnt mean a goddamn thing or made any sence........

he sounded like he had soem doubt issues when it was over...he said soemthing liek "WHATEVER MAIN, CHECKMATE, VOTES UP"

checkmate? c'mon be serious....u can be a dipshit and ride all the other dickheads dicks and be cool with them, and try to think your better then some1 else but you will never get resepct form the one u dont like......chea...
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