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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

I make it known that here and now you can hear me now and I can lend you an ear if you can hear me out Im mearly sound, Gods voice in his image a humanoid typin letters while sittin around trippin off of listenin to anothers words while quantum mechanical other worlds exist I live in this one so I give it how I get it is it a limit to how much intake you can take or do you overload your five senses when the output of my sixth one breaks in your visual space overlord criminal states of mind within the mental change the physical rate Im sicker than Rza breaks with a kung fu sample Im ON POINT like the eye of a needle so fuck you camel that goes for big tobacco too mr rj reynolds Im off the handle you cant give me cancer with your chemicals Im not dependent on anything outside of myself if that includes you Im rude to keep my animals health
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