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Definitive X grasshopper

Yo, I been this nice since four wheels on mountain bikes
Leave you like porn stars in menage a trois videos: stuck in a dike
Like priests shoutin' the Ten Commandments, readin' you ya rites
My rhymes shine, flossin' cold lyrics, fuck ice
Battle you twice, and prove that you half-bastard
Check how many emcees been embarassed by my battle mathematics
Ya rhymes are dated, homes, and ya spit's spent
Get a nickel and a penny, maybe then you'll have a sixth sense
Spit in the present tense, y'all cats live in the past
Jeff Gordon emcee, check the competition I done passed
Feel the fury of my fiery punchlines, I rhyme wrath
Y'all cats are better off arrangin' garbage, ya line's trash
Only way I'd be whack, is if the mob came for me
Rip ribald rappers like the fringes on Old Glory
Shine ten times the sun, homey, I spit solar
Have rappers retire quicker than pit crews at Daytona

"Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."
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