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this is somethin i got on another thread, thought i might as well put it here since its one of my verses. yo check out creepy's thread in the battlefield called the realness, go there and spit some real words

u wanna hear some real shit/
well listen to this real quick/
mainstream stayin up on the rise/
while real niggas sittin back gettin high/
we gotta get wats are's, aint no waitin in line/
fake dudes wit fake tools, waitin for a rhyme/
gettin paid any ways dam that money shuld b mine/
i put in too much time to let these niggas take it/
fuck them, they aint shit, got no skill, they cant spit/
cant battle wit a 100 bars cuz these niggas is fake shit/
my man bino shuld b in the big screen/
sittin on a caddy covered wit paper green/
bitches asses hangin all over the scene/
shit is fucked up, some niggas is crazy/
stuck wit dum luck, but then again these niggas is lazy/
aint makin money waitin for a deal, nah ya niggas is swazy/
listen, my words got levels to it like its a pizza hut deep dish/
show niggas wat it means when i tell em im puttin them to sleep fish/
creepy stay up ma dude, i hope more people read this/
cuz god knows that these real dum niggas need this/

get at me-
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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