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Originally Posted by Legato
my mans was riding side in the whip with his boy and they got pulled over. duke got knocked for a shoty and pound oh kweed.

my dunnny had some e but it was hidden and they didnt find it during the initial search.

now he got court this week, and there is still a posiblity that they might find the e or that they have.

so i ask, how can he get out of this shit?
whose car is it?
and who takes responsibility for the items taken?

if nobody assumes that its theirs, the judge wont let either of them off.

most likely they will be charged on the basis of what the police have found.

as for the e thats still in the car. Your friend can plead that he didnt know about that. this will only be considred by the judge, if your friend didnt lie about the other stuff in the first place.

sum up
1) your friend must prove he had no idea about what his friend was carrying with him.
2) if your friend had the items, he should say he was guilty of possession.,
because if they find the e, he can pledge that he didnt know about that stuff.
If he lies, he is perverting justice even more and wont come out lightly.

but put more facts about the case out.

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