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Prince Rai
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Originally Posted by kwu
Peace Prince...
I left the country 4 years ago(amerika); while on probation. My moms has said the police have been by her house several times with warrants. My question is what is the statute of limitations on arresst warrants for probation violaters... and can they arresst me in any state?

your question will need knowledge of the law specifically for the your country and in particular in the state you live in and are in now.

Police can issue a statement of arrest for you to a police department in any state. its the role of that state police then either to arrest you or not, relating to the law in that particular state. short answer YES you may well be able to get arrested in any state in your country. albeit, depending on your crime.
if you are outside america or country of residence, then you are less likely to get arrested as you will be subject to the laws of another country. you will be a diplomatic case.

as for general warrants for arrest. they are usually discretionary, meaning that the police can arrest you if they have a reason to. the only authority to challege what the police have done is the Courts itself.

its hard to answer your case as i need specific laws for your case, i just gave a general answer to your situation.
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