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when i was 12, i went to hell for snuffing jesus.....

incredible, passing out apples thats not edible, first name "lucifer" last name "the devil"
impregnating teens, by any means, sellin dirt to fiends, do anything to keep the wallet filled with greens, a nightmare it seems, a presence defined as frightenin, terror comes when im writin, like a flash of lightnin, or rather a clash of titans, ill take any reason to kill you right then, this is real rap not just another white trend, use child blood for spicin, meals of a dead pythin, my mom tried to tell me to stop the murder, so i burned her, made sure to turn her, young cop tried to make me stop, got the axe block and a head got the lop, had sold the guy rock, corruption and rot, seem to follow me alot
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