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Default Re: Who's up for a challenge? 50 line battle, 1 verse

50 bars and running through your crew like there obstacles
I'm the shit that you can't move, replay value's non-optional
I toss my mic to this cat, just to be fucking humble
And grab that shit back like it's rumble in the Corp. jungle
I 'strike you down like a lighting bolt' on a stormy night
'Your style reminds me of a maths test', you fuckin' 'bore me', aight?
No? Well, duke I wouldn't muthafuckin' disagree
Cause I can 'screw Maths', and giving you an 'ass kicking degree in History'
I bet you can vividly picture me, fucking literally killing you
I ain't no 'blood', but the scene will be 'red' from the 'blood spilling' too
Your hardest darts richocet and fucking pelt back in your face
You won't have nothing to say because I'll melt your metal brace
So you can't fucking talk unless you get a voicebox
And I won't brake that with my other hand, 'cause I use that to destroy cops
So when this boy flops, I'm a say 'I told you so'
'Your mums on the game at 90', dukes be calling her the 'golden hoe'
And so I hold the torch like I'm passing the light here
But theres a 'Countdown' to your death like 'Carol Vordermans career'
Livin' Blade be a lil' strange, whack as he is lame
And gets slaid by the same blade portrayed in his name
'Cause your 'nuttin' but a phony, like a girl stuck to the telephone'
Only implement that's fuckin' with my tempo is the metronome
Unlike the fuckin' knife which I use to cut your spleen
Look, I got you in my 'sights', so believe my shits 'obseen'
My flows 'unfuckwitable' like a 'girl without a vagina'
Oh I forgot, that's your moms, she was fucked as a minor
And served up as pussy on a plate, violently raped
Until she dropped the 'Art[ist] like Sage Francis' and 'Escape[d]'
It's all backward, like surgeory to get your imagination elevated
But your brain couldn't handle it, they had you screamin' 'operation terminated'
Infact I heard you was a snitch, talkin' bout the crime crack down
So I took this dude to an 'osteopath' where he was forced to 'back' down
And you get 'smacked down', like the 'Rocks fuckin' show'
This cat tried 'cutting off my feet', so we couldn't go 'toe to toe'
They call me the 'king of punches', like I'm 'Oscar De La Hoya'
I keyed 50 lines for fun, with 1 bar I could destroy-ya
See I hate to annoy-ya, but I really can't stand-ya
You a 'Michael Jackson look-a-like, black and white like a panda'
My last 10 lines 'come off quick like bras in titty bars'
And fucking 'shatter you quick, like broken glass off a vase'
I know I started the thread, but you shouldn't have replied
'Cause now your life and rep in the game have just fucking died
Coming against the G, is like lyrical suicide
If you coming, come correct, like Ruff Ryd[ers] do or die
Oh, so the Livin' Blade wanna slice some of my lines?
'Disciple Of Shadow?' I 'cast a dark one over your rhymes'
This dude told the doctor he was 'sick', the door was where he was directed
'Cause on a hip-hop level, you 'ain't ill', nah you 'barely infected'
So the hero G-Zues prevails, look out for the next issue
Duke is like a blocked toilet, full of shit and soft [as] tissue ~ We won't miss you
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