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Default Re: Resident Evil - In real life?.... check this.

This shit goes deeper than you think.

As humans we don't know exactly what happens to the soul after death nor the time period in which the soul leaving the body and going to another place takes.

On a sci-fi program that they show here in Canada callled Psi-Factor(which is similar to the Outer Limits except for the fact that the episodes shown are taken from documented cases of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research:
there was one episode where a man's wife was dead for a period of 6 hours or so and then she was revived. When she came to she had no memory of her past and acted completely different. To make a long story short it wasn't the guy's wife in his wife's body, it ended up being something called an "old one" a spirit or entity that wanted to escape from the other side.

Reviving people after a long period of death can have many grave consequences that we are not even aware of. For instance it is not wise to fuck with ouiji boards, for the simple fact that if you actually do talk to someone, you can never be certain of who you are actually talking to. So to fuck around with life and death, souls and otherwise will cause disaster!

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