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ayt ya i just felt like writin a random verse, i kinda forced it and i changed up the subject alot but besides that it felt pretty solid on certain parts so holla back

yo i burn u from the inside out like a microwave oven/
my flow flows steady like a old man drummin/
first i work hard then i begin bummin/
just like sex/
come hard quick, then start runnin/
listen up son, im the champ wit the title/
bitchslap that brit from american idol/
take out the bitch and that nigga 2/
ima sho u how this nigga do/
compared to me ur shits lookin real shitty/
im comin wit them lines that b real grimy and gritty/
spit so hard that ma teeth lose they filling/
then ya jaw drops, and ya eyes hit the ceiling/
kick ya ass to dust now pay me for the killing/
cuz ud ratha b dead then have that real deep feeling/
of gettin ya ass shamed and ya name in need of rebuildin/
call me rambunctious, wen i b fumin/
turn up the dial, and hear the base boomin/
just to flush out the sound, of ya bitch ass losin/
im cruzin, thru these mc's, leavin them droolin/
i come by and every body got a vest on im assuming/
so i hit ya wit words strait to tha heart/
now it starts coolin/
hypothermia spreads to everyone in the room and/
dam that shit was cold, gotchya niggas poolin/
then i take ya bitches, then start spoonin/
suck they brains out the clit, leave more space for ma tool and/
heres ma number one rule man/
cut that bitch off once she starts lovin you/
cuz wen u start lovin her/
shes lovin otha dudes/
u beggin on the floor, and shes makin otha moves/
keep it strait pimpin, leave lovin to them otha fools/

get at me-
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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