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Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

Snap skulls, snap brain stems........fuck being funny, im dramatic like hamlet?

Yo, Yo,

You go by the forgetable name of the little smurf called Xtadas???,
Ima keep this little story short. Kinda like that little smurf dick you
got coming outta yo VAGINA.....Its the only thing you impale with yo
spike. You right
you aint no kike you's motherfucking hairy dike.
What you know bout hamlet? You smoked the book? Cause hamlet
was a dick. Yo, you dramatic like hamlet but you ever met many people who
understood and gave a shit bout the man you call "hamlet" Man maybe I should
refer to you as Professor smurf. Dupreez coming with that simple style, Dupreez the dude
who melts your iced out image. Get a name before you come back at me otherwise im gonna permantely get you labelled as the english smurf. I cant even say your name dog. This shit not about fancy words and wordplay. Dupreez bout getting the message across to my people. My people aint no professors my people aint no hamlet supporters, my people aint no smurfs. My people spit SLANG your people still trying to figure out english ? Get back to me with my spelling dog. You can C H E C K it for me Professor smurf

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