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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

No time for hesitatin,
freeflowin like bitches menstratin.
MY fans, waitin' so patient,
for me to kick the blatant, that's latent,
these rappers can't stand me.
Cuz my shit, get's the bitches randy,
and their shit's pop like candy.
Well, fuck a sweet and dandy,
When i drop it hot,
It's not for snoop, it's mandy.
WEll, let's see...
Where's my deposit penalty?
You fucked up the chemisty,
Well, sure ur a private purchaser,
But yo, you ain't in the registry.
Now, back up and let me speak.
I'm actin up legislative,
For those that want their emancipation,
The shit is my rhymes i'm statin,
Is still oh so latent,
and just remember,
Whatever the weather be,
you never ever could be as clever as me.

Off the top of the dome.. sorry if it sucks.
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