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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

ooff the hook and the chain,
That dangles up in my brain,
freestylin on the WuCorp,
leavin sunnovabitches in pain,
let 'em strain,
let 'em hang,
like they in a meat locka.
Word up to SICKA and BEN ,
we just shock ya.
And pop ya,
Like i pop a whopper bitch.
Gimme taht shit, and gimme clips,
ima swallow 'em, then spit 'em out.
That's how i'm drippin in droughts.
Drippin out lead, puttin pounds in ya head.
LEavin you covered in red,
Don't beg,
Just instead,
Gimme head.

LMAO.. I dunno what the fuck im doin.
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