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peep this shit, my rhymes bring they own hooks/
u prolly got ur shit out the local phone book/
spittin radio wavelengths leave ya dome shook/
nah nigga u got scared by ur own look/
my lines swarm ya body like infected insects/
i got 100 cases of proof that i just detected this reject/
im maybe b a little yung but i demand some respect/
u prolly dont walk how u talk so u need to get ya feet checked/
this nigga dont buy clothes, he bucks shots at his couch/
ur bitch dont got prada, she walkin round wit a pouch/
u spit shit like them niggas from down south/
u wuldnt kno a good line if it came out ya own mouth/
homey ill burn thru ya eyes wit my rhymes like peroxide/
u come around my block and u can run but you cant hide/
try the alley ways thats just around the side/
o yea i forgot its a dead end, sorry i tried/

these are some random little parts of old battles, just wanted some comments,
get at me-
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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