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Default Hip Hop Quotable

Sup Lordz let's drop some of the illest verse...

Always I'm in some shit/my abdomen is the clip the barrel is my dick/uncircumcisd pull my skin back and cock me/I bust off when they unlock me/Results of what happens to niggaz shock me/I see niggaz bleedin runnin from me in fear/stunningly tears fall down the eyes of these so-called tough guys/ for years I've been used in robberies/givin niggaz heart to follow me/placin peoples in graves/funerals made cause I was sprayed/I was laid in a shelf with a grenade/met a wrecked up tech with numbers on his chest that say/five/two/nine/three/eight/five and zero/had a serial defaced/hopin one day/police would place where he came from/a name or some short of person to claim him tired of murderin/made him wanna be a plain gun/but yo I had some other plans/like the next time the beef is on I make myself jam right in my owner's hand

NaS-I gave you power
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