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Default Re: what happend to def squad

I love Def Squad, and it's a damn shame they've been out of the radar for the past year. WEll, Erick dropped an album last year(I thought it was tight) he said on it that it might be his last and I also heard he wants to play the business part of the game and form his own label n' shit. That Sy Scott album was supposed to drop, I imagine the green eyed bandit did major production on it. Keith is independent now, def jam said that he choked an intern so they canned him, Keith said that it was bullshit made up just to kick his ass off... believable, because def jam doesn't care about over half their roster. Finally Redman, I've been waitin for Red Gone Wild for years, and he's been in the "finishing stages" of it since, damn, a lil' after he was on that christina aguilera joint. yall probably got those 2 mix tapes to keep us entertained til the new album, I know on one joint he kinda throws a jab at Def Jam. It's definitely Def Jam's fault, Red should've dropped sometime within the past 2 years when he had good publicity from his n' mef's show, those (funny as hell)specials they did on MTV, and his song with Christina(pop as hell but it was mad popular). Red has too much skill to wait 4 fuckin years to drop an LP, especially when he has himself, E Dub, and Rockwilder behind the boards. F.T.I. sorry for the long post. peace

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