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Default Re: Hip Hop Quotable

Yo, don't fight the heist if you treasure your life
Cus my trife is measured in nights
Out your wife at the edge of my knife
And it'll be my pleasure to slice
The bitch will be forever with Christ
Get hit twice with this real nice
Berretta device
Nickel playes to your North Face
Put feathers and flight
Let my lead strike and sever your life
Leaving you red and wet in the night
Head bite from infrared sight
Cock back, squeeze and let it ignite
Placing your body where the bedbugs bite
Baby you thug right?
A slug might, open your mug like
I'm checking your blood type
The drug life
We hop on a Rolls
Shopping for clothes
Rocking our foes
Put you in a coffin with the top of it closed
You know, put a fucking glock to your nose
Run up in your spot for the O's and blow
Shove cock in your hoe
You 'bout to blow
Nothing stopping the doe
Most popular flow
Like iceberg at the top of the globe
-Kool G. Rap, "Let 'Em Live" (Chino XL)

"Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."
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