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Everyday... Everyday could be the last one... Hey yay!!
Everyday is "better" than the next day... At least that's what you say!
Hey yay! yay! yay! Everyday I'm swimming in the shit clay
Hey yay! yay! yay! Everyday thinkin' 'bout the death's fays
Hey yay!!! Lying by your legs, sayin' my begs, hearing the same nays
Hey yay! yay! yay! Everyday I'm waiting until you'll stay
Hey yay! yay! yay! Everyday is "better" than the next day
At least that's what I say...

World's so small for us
We're eatin' ourself's dust
Travellin' in the same bus
Fuckin' as the same must
Hiding in the sky dusk
Sleepin' in the same hut
People like wild animals
In the cages like diagonals
In the hives like tattoo salons
With sticks like starp-on's
Livin' like diabolical radicals
Doin' what they want - logical, illogical...

N/w: liar
Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!
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