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Default Re: Hip Hop Quotable

You wanna front, what?

Jump up and get bucked

If you're feeling lucky duck

Then press your luck

I snatch fake gangsta MC's and make em faggot flambe

Your nine spray, my mind spray

Malignant mist steadily pumps the funk

The results you're remainís stuffed in a car trunk

You couldn't come to the jungles of the East poppin that game

You won't survive get live catchin wreck is our thing

I don't gang bang or shoot out bang bang

The relentless lyrics the only dope I slang

I'm a true master you can check my credentials

Cuz I choose to use my infinite potentials

Got a freaky, freaky, freaky-freaky flow

Control the mic like fidel castro locked cuba

So deep that you can scuba dive/my jive

Origin is unknown like the Jubas

I've accumulated honies all across the map

Cuz I'd rather bust a nut then bust a cap in

Ya back in fact my rap snaps ya sacroilliac

I'm the mack so i don't need to tote a Mac

My attack is purely mental and its nature's not hate

It's meant to wake ya up out of ya brainwashed state

Stagnate nonsense but if you persist

You'll get ya snotbox bust you press up on this

I flip hoes dip none of the real niggas slip

You don't know enough math to count the mics that I ripped

Keep the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel as his verbal weapons spit

Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
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